Top tips for a great fight

Top travel tips for a great flight

Here at Travelsoon we like to make your holiday as special as possible, so we have created a list of some top travel tips to help you have a great flight.


1. Get as much space as possible
Seats on a plane
If you are travelling with someone else you can prebook your seats and book a window and aisle seat on the same row. If the plane is not full the middle will likely remain empty giving you more room. Plus if someone does sit there chances are they will be willing to swap seats with one of you.


2. Get Free Internet access at the airport
Free internet at airport
Most airports now have free WiFi but if they dont or you need card details to set up an account a great little tip is to add “?.jpg” at the end of any URL to bypass any charges or sign ups.


3. Save time at the luggage reclaim
Luggage tip
A simple yet very effective tip to help identify your luggage and ultimately get out of the airport and get to your accommodation is to tie a ribbon or string of bright colour to your bag,


4. Save cash and fly during the week
If you are flexible with your dates and can travel during the week, you are most likely to save a heap of cash by booking a midweek flight instead of a weekend flight, when prices tend to be higher.


5. The early bird gets the worm – Book Early and Save
Book Early
Flights usually go up in price the nearer you get to the departure. If you can book your flight early you will save money. If you require luggage and the airline charge separately for this, you can always add bags on at a later stage and pay for them then, as the prices for the extras usually remain the same and you can add and pay for them anytime.


6. Choose the vegetarian option meal on the plane
In Flight meal
If you want to be fed before anyone else and would like to avoid any greasy or stodgy food then a handy little tip is to order the vegetarian option. Our insider knowledge confirms the more niche meals are much higher quality as they are made in smaller batches.


7. Want to watch TV on your flight?
Mobile TV
Put you mobile phone in a zip lock see through bag and mount it on the front seat allowing you to enjoy the latest shows and pass the time even on a budget airline that has no TV’s.


8. Dont fear turbulence anymore!
A plane is a bit like a sea saw so if you are scared of turbulence during a flight the best place to sit to avoid as much bumping as possible is to book a seat near the middle. Another great tip is to Jiggle it, yes you heard us right and this really does work. Try slightly jiggling your body when you get into some rough air, your body moving will counteract that of the aircraft and you won’t feel the turbulence as much.


9. Get through airport security faster
Airport Security
Pick the checkpoint farthest to the left. Research shows that most people are right handed and as such they tend to turn right first which therefore fills up the right queues more. Also in the left queues don’t pick the one with kids in, if you pick the one with the ‘suits’ it will move much quicker.


10. Bring an extra top on board your flight
When flying especially if you are travelling for quite a long time then we recommend taking an extra top. Airlines provide blankets but they are notoriously thin and planes can get very cold .

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