Prptecting Tropical Forests

Protecting Tropical forests have become increasingly important

Providing a habitable, clean and friendly environment to our future generations is an aim that we are fast losing track of as global warming speeds up. The Earth is protected by a fragile atmosphere. Decades of human activity have harmed the earth’s environment to no end and the threat which this behavior presents just keeps on growing. Carbon emissions from automobiles, airplanes, factories and other activities are being released into the atmosphere at unprecedented levels, leading to the build-up of greenhouse gases that warm up the planet and result in the rise of global temperatures.

An increase of just over 2C in the global temperature will result in a rise in sea levels due to the melting of polar ice caps which will ultimately render much of our coastlines inhabitable, island nations would become submerged under water, there would be abrupt weather events, desertification will increase and the world as we know it will be changed forever. Steps at limiting carbon emissions have been weak at best as much of the things that release carbon in the atmosphere are essential parts of our current civilization. Since the Industrial revolution, we have emitted more than 600 billion tones of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and if the current speed persists, the 2C rise could come as early as 2037.

If we can’t put a lid on emissions, can we find a way to absorb them? Yes, we certainly can. Trees are natural consumers of carbon dioxide as they need them to power their processes, but the advantages don’t end here, trees also emit oxygen which makes them a powerful tool to fight the battle against climate change. But to fight the huge carbon emissions, we would need large conglomerations of trees. Tropical forests, which are often referred to as the “World’s Lungs”, can be the decisive factor in a bid to stop climate change before its leads to unprecedented changes.

Tropical forests, however, haven’t been spared either as the Earth loses more than 8 million hectares each year. But, realizing the fact that these very forests could be the most important factor to buy time against the effects of global warming has become very important for us. Only 8.5 percent of the world’s surface area is currently covered by forests and we definitely need to improve on that because an improvement would help us to reduce the carbon emissions effect by nearly half and help us to reach 2050 without touching the threshold of 2C.

Protecting tropical forests has become quite important and to move forward we need to take the following steps:

Leading conservation efforts:

The Tropical forest cover currently is not enough to bid off the effects of global warming, even still deforestation is being done on a massive scale, which could harm our prospects in the long run.
Leading conservation efforts
Conservation of current forests in countries like Brazil and Cambodia need to be done by teaching people of the effects deforestation would have on the Earth’s climate and motivating them to join in on protecting the tropical rainforests in their countries. Without educating people on the importance of trees in our fight against global warming, nothing substantial can be accomplished.

Protecting Forests against legal and illegal threats:

Deforestation is done primarily to provide the necessary resources to a lot of thriving industries like paper, pulp, rubber, wood, construction and a whole lot of others, without the demand for these subsiding or being put under some sort of restraint.
Commercial activities are probably the biggest threat towards tropical forests and advocating towards the cause of these forests to the Government is our biggest hop to save the environment. Natural forests need to be protected by applying pressure on the authorities to stop commercial activities that harm the forests much more than they can recover from and providing alternate sources like “man-made forests” to satisfy the needs of different industries.

Planting More Trees:

The Earth’s current tropical forest cover is not enough and we need to increase it substantially. By depleting forests, the Earth would be deprived of most of its bio-diversity. The areas which are now deforested need to be claimed back and trees need to be planted there.
Planting Trees
But mostly the ground which is deforested gets deprived of natural replenishment of soil and compost, making it difficult to grow trees. But even if a single dump truck full of fertile soil could be brought to such an area every week, the chances of trees growing all by themselves after a while would become increasingly bright. If the Earth’s surface area could be covered by at least 20% of forest cover, the scenario would start looking increasingly bright.

Trees provide shelter to animals, forests are home to diverse species of plants that have high medicinal qualities for humans, there is breathtaking scenery to see and a countless other advantages can be associated with tropical forests that we would not otherwise be able to witness. Our efforts at conserving our last bid against climate change should be manifold and more profound as our future generations rely on them to provide them with an Earth that is as beautiful and grand as it always has been for most of its history.

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