Five Reasons New Orleans is All That Jazz

Five Reasons New Orleans is All That Jazz

The historic New Orleans, Louisiana is a place like none other. Rich with French, Creole and Cajun roots, this city is seasoned with many interesting qualities.

New Orleans was established by French colonists during the reign of Louis the XV back in the early 18th century. New Orleans is also the birthplace of jazz and one of the most unique cities in the United States.

New Orleans
Jackson Square photo courtesy of Christian Senger/Flickr

Here are five reasons why New Orleans is an excellent travel destination.

New Orleans Jazz Fest

With many Jazz Festivals around the world, there’s nothing that can compare to hearing Jazz in it’s birthplace. The cobblestone streets echo the sound of the saxophone every day as the city drums to the beat. Music is appreciated everywhere, but to experience music in a city that thrives in it, gives a new meaning to the essence and art of musical expression.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival happens every year around Spring time. Some of the most renowned artist stop in for an unforgettable show. Not only is New Orleans home to the original Jazz Fest, but you can enjoy jazz any day or night you decide to visit and it’s the real deal.

Cajun Cuisine

New Orleans and the state of Louisiana have their very own style of food and its taken very seriously. Creamy, decadent and rich flavors smother plates that are full of flavor and not like anything you’ve tasted before. Though the dishes are very much French inspired, they still boast plenty of originality.

Gumbo, jambalaya, etouffée and a good ole shrimp po’boy are some of the most traditional foods in Louisiana, but it doesn’t stop there. The people of Louisiana are very resourceful in there food supply so you will find some extremely unique and flavorful plays on the preservation of foods.

For a sweet tooth, grab yourself a beignet and a cup of chicory coffee, New Orleans style, and be prepared to get powdered sugar all over. Cafe du Monde is a fried dough and powdered sugar mecca and extremely historical, so make sure to put this on your list.

New Orleans Food
Gumbo photo courtesy of Southern Foodways Alliance/Flickr

Mardi Gras

This fete has been celebrated since the French colonized New Orleans. It’s the ultimate ‘Fat Tuesday’ celebration and it comes with some very wild times. One can slightly compare Mardi Gras to the Carnival in Brazil.

Bring a masquerade mask and be prepared to celebrate by catching Mardi Gras beads and bedazzle in the music as the parade of people among floats throw beads.

Harrahs New Orleans photo courtesy of Jason Paris/Flickr


Not every state in the US allows gambling. Other than Las Vegas, there are a limited number of places where gambling and casinos are legal. You can bet that New Orleans is one of those places. So if you’re into playing a game of black jack or hitting the slots, you can can visit several casinos in New Orleans, including, Harrah’s and Boomtown Casino.

Treasure Chest Casino sails atop Lake Pontchartrain on a river boat and offers great gambling with an exclusive showroom for local live music.

Historical Tours

New Orleans has a lot of history and is a city filled with spirit. Plantations have long, deep roots of history in slavery and colonization before the Civil War. Many stories of Voodoo and dark magic spark the interesting stories that lie beneath the tombs of some of New Orlean’s famous commoners.

Many celebrities and writers visit and live in New Orleans for ghostly inspiration. Anne Rice, the author of the Vampire Chronicles, lived in the city as it was her muse for her chronicle of gothic tales.

You can visit the tomb of the famous Voodoo Queen, Marie Catherine Laveau who lived in the 18th century. You can also find many other ghost tales through the old Saint Louis Cemetery.


There are so many wonderful and interesting places to visit on the planet. New Orleans is one of those little cities that packs a big punch. Once you become familiar with the city and it’s rich history, you’ll have the key to unlock the many mesmerizing adventures it has to offer.


  • This is a great summary article of all the things NOLA has to offer. It tantalizes the reader to want more about NOLA and stimulated me to set a trip there around New Years! Good writing in an informative easy-to-read style.

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments, we are very pleased to hear you will be visiting New Orleans in the New Year and hope you have a wondeful holiday.

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