Free Things to do in Amsterdam

5 Fun and Free Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular destination for young travelers and recent grads. Its liberal rules make it very enticing to people who want to let loose and have a good time in a way they probably can’t at home. This doesn’t mean Amsterdam isn’t a family friendly destination – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You’ll find a lot of rowdy things to do, as well as a lot of wholesome and educational experiences that any visitor from any part of the world will love through and through.

  1. The Art

Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam has a surprisingly rich art culture. Amsterdam is home of the Van Gogh museum, which is not free to access. If you’ve already had your fill at the Van Gogh or if you’re looking for lower cost alternatives, you can go to any number of the boutique galleries that line the streets of Amsterdam. Lots of artists consider the city to be a haven for creative expression and inspiration. Many of those artists are happy to open their doors to the public while expecting nothing in return. It’s the true spirit of artistic freedom, and it’s yours to enjoy.

  1. The Free Tours

Amsterdam Bicycles
If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, you may be surprised to learn that the stereotype is true: people really do ride bicycles everywhere. That’s why there are tons of bicycle tours that run throughout the city. If you’re not big on cycling, you can also walk. Many of these tours are free because they lead through tourist areas, which inspires visitors to spend money along the way. You can also take a free boat tour across the IJ, exploring the arts and culture located on the other side.

  1. Browsing the Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District
The Red Light District has earned an interesting reputation – at night, it’s the place where mysterious ladies fill the windows. Even if you aren’t looking for a lady friend, it’s still a unique place to be. It’s in the oldest part of Amsterdam, and much of the architecture is historic. There’s a lot to look at in the area. It’s lined with small pubs and cafes. If you’re not interested in seeing what the district looks like at night, visit during the daytime. It will be easier to appreciate the buildings when the sun is up, anyway.

  1. The Film Institute

Amsterdam EYE Filmmuseum
There are both paid and free things to do at the EYE museum. The shape of the building is hard to describe – it’s a complex and interesting structure all by itself. It hosts rotating events and exhibitions that usually come with an admission price. The lower level of the museum is all of the long standing exhibitions, and they’re free to interact with. If you’ve ever seen a Stanley Kubrick film, you’ll most likely be reminded of it when you see the way the viewing pods are set up. Spend the afternoon watching something new to you.

  1. The Begijnhof

Amsterdam Begijnhof
You’ve probably never seen anything like the Begijnhof. It’s something like a neighborhood, a courtyard and a developed community all rolled into one. It was established in the early 1300’s, and exists to this day as a preserved piece of history. The homes in the Begijnhof were used only to house unmarried women, kind of live a modern day convent. The history of this area is incredible, and it goes farther back than you may even be able to comprehend. If you’re interested in knowing what was going on in the middle ages, spend a day walking through the Begijnhof.



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